Category: ChangelogVersion 5.1.0 (beta) build 936 (2015- 07- 14)

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If you’d like to take part in the beta for 5.1.0, simply log into Nodeworx and go to Server > Software Updates and change the dropdown at Interworx Update Channel to “Release Candidate”. For full release notes for the beta of 5.1.0, click here.

Release Notes:

    • Upgraded clamav to 0.98.7
    • SpamAsssassin Upgraded to 3.4.1.
    • Updated php-iworx to 5.5.26


    • Improved error messages for diagnosing DNS Sync issues
    • Added ability for users to set how long remote assistance remains enabled
    • Added automated cleanup of diagnostic artifacts when Remote Assistance closes
    • Added events to the system health detectors

Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed sporadic session error when trying to login to phpMyAdmin
    • Fixed APF untrusted interface detection on upgrade
    • Fixed bug with version reporting when multiple versions of a package are installed
    • Fixed an issue where learned spam/ham would not be cleaned up
    • Fixed a problem with upgrade step “3590 Update siteworx backup email template failures”
    • Fixed email password changing within Horde/IMP
    • Suppressed socket errors in service checks
    • Fixed invalid SQL query in Session History plugin
    • Manage IPs page will now show IPv4 addresses when SNI is enabled on a shared IP address
    • Added an automatic retry for failed upgrade steps
    • Fixed issue adding DNS-Sync after 5.1.0 update
    • Prevented init script from trying to activate IPs before Goiworx runs
    • Added more helpful errors for payload data errors
    • Added error handling for remote MySQL GRANT errors
    • IMAP Server: replaced /etc/courier/imapd.dist, imapd-ssl.dist, pop3d.dist and pop3d-ssl.dist files with files of the same name, except without the “.dist” at the end. Also prevented overwriting these config files on imap server package update
    • Fixed issues logging into Roundcube on 5.1.0 fresh installs
    • Fixed an issue with activating a new license on CentOS 7 via the web installer
    • Sped up initial access of web based license activation
    • Added —no-color option to CLI commands to suppress color codes
    • Fixed an issue triggered when manually invoking the shell.pex —enable function
    • Fixed 5.1.0 upgrades on clusters with partially activated nodes
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