Category: ChangelogVersion 5.1.0 Now in Beta Channel!

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If you’d like to take part in the beta for 5.1.0, simply log into Nodeworx and go to Server > Software Updates and change the dropdown at Interworx Update Channel to “Release Candidate”.

(For more detailed information on Software Channels, go here:


    • Added configurable SSLCipherSuite and SSLProtocol options
    • Added InterWorx license server IP to default firewall whitelist
    • Removed requirement for OLD_PASSWORDS in client MySQL servers
    • Added a ‘DNS’ category to the plugins page
    • Updated the quick help for smtp greetings to explicitly require a FQDN
    • High System Load notifications will now include output from the program “top”, which will provide a snapshot of what is currently utilizing system resources at the time the notification is triggered
    • Added –restart-http option to domain-promoter.pex
    • Added option to cascade enabling Remote Assistance from cluster managers to nodes
    • Added a CLI interface for the password generator
    • Select if a SiteWorx backup should be applied to the storage quota from the settings page
    • Added many query* API actions to provide access to data inside forms
    • Added API action to get storage and bandwidth usage in MB
    • Updated Roundcube from 0.8.6 to 1.0.3
    • Updated SpamAssassin to version 3.4
    • Updated php-iworx to 5.5.22

Security Upgrades

    • Infrastructure
      • Replaced the tlsserverciphers file with more secure default
      • Updated default Apache ssl.conf configuration to disable SSLv3
      • Updated iworx-web server ssl configuration to disable SSLv3
    • 3rd Party Apps
      • Moved PhpMyAdmin and webmail session files to private directories

    Bug Fixes

      • Interface
        • Fixed a bug preventing the reseller edit form from displaying the correct billing day
        • Fixed sorting of array-based columns in the web interface
        • Added newest-first viewing to the log viewer
        • The Siteworx user ‘Login’ permission is now checked by default
        • Fixed unintended wrapping of form descriptions
        • Filtered out CLI control characters that were appearing in the browser in some cases
      • Infrastructure
        • Changed order of daily cron execution to prevent root emails during future Ioncube updates
        • Fixed ownership of generated .license files
        • Added support for the EL7 Apache mod_php configuration
        • Made Apache module list payload read-only
        • Fixed a bug that would prevent restoring SiteWorx backups
      • Upgrade system
        • Fixed an issue where manually running an upgrade step could cause permissions issues
        • Increased retry frequency of Percona upgrade step
      • Service
        • Web
          • Added SHA-256 as the default SSL certificate digest algorithm.
          • Added new –sync-default-vhosts function to ~iworx/bin/httpd.pex to recreate the vhost_000_defaults.conf file
          • Fiixed .htaccess generation permissions
          • Fixed a bug causing IPs to remain in vhost configs after the IP was deleted
          • Fixed a bug where changing a secondary domain’s IP would not consistently update the web server IP configuration
          • Fixed a situation where the namevirtualhost file could be out of sync when changing Apache ports
        • Mail
          • Fixed a bug causing SpamAssassin to delete Spam/Ham folders
          • Changed vpopmail logging to ‘errors only’
        • Firewalls
          • Fixed a bug where ip6tables could be restored on firewall restart even if not managed by InterWorx
        • DB
          • Adjusted DB username validator to allow eight characters
      • Plugins
        • Updated IPv6 management calls to the CloudFlare Client API
      • Languages
        • Fixed several hard-coded language entries
      • Install System
        • Added quota partition detection to install process
        • Added a delay to IP binding in the init script
      • IP System
        • Secondary domain use now appears in the IP Management page
        • Prevented duplicate entries in IPv6 Pool selection form
        • Fix pulling of IPv6 addresses from pools
      • Domain System
        • configuration option to prevent cross-account subdomains
        • Added advisor to subdomain add form for creation
        • Added directory deletion option to subdomain deletion
        • Fixed a bug causing domain IP updates to fail at updating pointer domains
        • Redirect domain deletion now triggers server alias sync
      • Clustering
        • Fixed a problem with incorrect mail directories on cluster nodes
        • Command Queue can now skip duplicate commands for faster recovery
        • Command Queue now truncates history to prevent load issues when a node is failing to replicate
        • Fixed addition of cluster nodes to database
        • Added node hostnames in place of IPs on NodeWorx System Graphs and SiteWorx Recent Visitors
      • CLI
        • Fixed a stacktrace using the config action for System Health
        • Fixed an issue with input of absolute file paths and permissions when using the /usr/bin/nodeworx and /usr/bin/siteworx CLI commands
        • Fixed an issue with display of array data in the CLI default output
        • Fixed adding SiteWorx accounts in the Interactive CLI without adding a new package
        • Fixed subdomain query reports in the CLI
      • Backup-Restore
        • Fixed a race condition flaw in SiteWorx backup creation
        • Fixed scheduled backups to fail silently if the package option is disabled
      • API
        • Updated API documentation to 5.1.0
      • 3rd Party Apps
        • Fixed session functions in SquirrelMail’s SASQL plugin
        • Fixed Portuguese UI issue in PhpMyAdmin
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