Category: ChangelogVersion 5.1.1 build 1012–Release Candidate (2015-11-11)

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    • Updated the default SSL digest algorithm used when generating self-signed certificates in NodeWorx to SHA-256
    • Updated httpd-iworx to 2.2.31
    • Updated version requirements of iworx-db-55 to 5.5.45

Bug Fixes

    • Fixed MySQL grant errors when trying to re-add a cluster node
    • Fixed logging into phpMyAdmin from SiteWorx on MySQL 5.6+
    • Fixed issue with InterWorx not restarting Apache correctly on Centos7
    • Fixed display of cluster node graph-view on cluster manager
    • Disabled Jailkit support on CloudLinux since their CageFS supercedes it. Made CageFS enabled ssh users able to login directly to their home directory
    • Reclaimed disk space from extraneous iworx-db binary logs
    • Fixed an issue with CNAME record collision detection
    • Fixed an issue setting quotas via the external-nfs-plugin
    • Set default value for Proftpd TLSCipherSuite
Nov 11, 2015, 9:39 amBy: InterWorx (0) Comments


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