Category: ChangelogVersion 5.1.2 build 1024-Release Candidate (2015-12-09)

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Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed editing sshd configuration options in NodeWorx on CentOS7
    • Fixed a bug where a namevirtualhost entry could be missed with a secondary domain
    • Default to owner theme if specified theme is missing on a cluster node
    • Prevent the daily cron from updating InterWorx software on nodes and not the cluster manager, even if the repos are misconfigured
    • Fixed a stacktrace when querying problem detectors of non-existent users
    • Updated IPv4 address of for DNS
    • Increased the reliability of bandwidth processing with edge cases
    • Prevented disabled webmail clients from being accessed, once disabled
    • Improved handling and cleanup of ip6tables backup files
    • Fixed display of domain information on System IPs page
    • Fixed an issue reading quota status for over-quota accounts
    • SiteWorx accounts can now redirect to https domains
    • Fixed an error where SiteWorx error.log files contained additional logging beyond the 24 hour time frame
    • Fixed an inadvertent pagedown when the awesomebar is triggered (ctrl+space) in OSX Chrome
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