Category: ChangelogVersion 5.1.42 build 1268

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Released as Beta on 2017-01-16
Blocked from promotionĀ on 2017-01-18



    • Added support for system php-fpm
    • Added per-domain and per-SiteWorx account config tables

Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed secondary SiteWorx user password reset
    • Changed how PHP is served to prevent files like file.php.jpg from being parsed as PHP
    • Fixed an issue with IPv6 relay in vpopmail
    • Fixed db transfer cli with external db users
    • Improved importing from Plesk 11.5
    • Changed hotlink protection to a commented out section instead of just marked as disabled
    • Upgraded httpd to 2.4.25 on EL7
    • Fixed a bug determining client MySQL versions for newer builds
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