Category: ChangelogVersion 5.1.50 build 1292 (2017-05-03)

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Released as Beta on 2017-04-19
Released as Release Candidate on 2017-04-26
Released as Release on 2017-05-03
Blocked from release to Stable on 2017-05-16


    • Added ability to use an external load balancer with clustering
    • Set the delivery quota warning message threshold to persist through an upgrade
    • Separated hotfixes from autoiworx upgrade setting

Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed the colorized display of the firewall ports listing when “view all” is selected
    • Fixed an issue where jk_chrootsh wasn’t an option on servers running CloudLinux but not CageFS
    • Fixed an issue where chain.crt certificates are not renamed after domain promotion
    • Fixed an issue with re-enabling disabled user cron jobs
    • Added whitelist_subject to the spam assassin Spam Preference list
    • Fixed an issue where certain permissions on the FTP server configuration file could result in errors while reading FTP server SSL configuration
    • Made the command queue always use the iworx.log
    • Fixed a bug that prevented deleting multiple reseller accounts at one time
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