Category: ChangelogVersion 5.1.52 build 1311 (2017-06-27)

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Released as Beta on 2017-05-16
Released as Release Candidate on 2017-05-24
Released as Release on 2017-06-28



    • Upgraded Smarty to 3
    • Due to stricter requirements in Smarty 3, some customer custom themes may be affected. If so, please open a ticket with InterWorx Support
    • Updated ioncube decoders shipped with php-iworx package
    • Added /var/log/proftpd/auth.log to the FTP log viewer

Bug Fixes:

    • Removed SSL Cipher field from Update All SSL Certificates form
    • Fixed a bug preventing realtime stats graphs from being displayed
    • Fixed an issue where services would not respect the start on boot-up setting on CentOS 7 servers
    • Fixed restoring SiteWorx backup when using IPv6 Subpools
    • Fixed bug with disabled scheduled backup cron
    • Fixed a bug preventing webtatic php-fpm packages from starting on boot
    • Fixed detection of some custom PHP implementations
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