Category: ChangelogVersion 5.1.9 build 1066 (2016-04-06)

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    • Made the ‘Change Domain’ button more noticeable in Heliotrope
    • Removed case sensitivity on SiteWorx ‘Lost Password’ page
    • Added two-factor authentication feature
    • Upgraded ioncube loader to version 5.1.2

Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed a bug that prevented the ability to set vacation messages in Horde webmail
    • Fixed a bug in Fileman regarding the permissions of extracted zip files
    • Replaced logjam fix, if missing
    • Fixed remote assistance permissions
    • Set RESV_DNS to be on by default
    • Conditionally replaced awl table in iworx_spam database
    • Fixed an issue preventing Let’s Encrypt symlinks from being properly created
    • Fixed a syntax error breaking Let’s Encrypt installer
    • Fixed the backup/import of custom dns records attached to redirect domains
    • Fixed lost password reset in clusters for locally hosted mail domains
    • Fixed caching issue with some image files in CSS
    • Fixed issue where monthly cron generates errors when Let’s Encrypt is not installed
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