Category: ChangelogVersion 5 beta 4 build 508 (2013-04-08)

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  • Fixed issues with deleting an IPv6 address that just added via System IPs
  • Fixed an issue that prevented SimpleScripts from installing scripts on secondary domains
  • Fixed potential infinite loop in Siteworx CLI
  • Fixed empty name issue with repositories
  • Fixed “Unknown IP Address ‘0’” error when importing an InterWorx backup
  • ~iworx/bin/ip.pex — list now shows all domains
  • Fixed “device” column in IPs table
  • Fixed issue with ipv6 iworx.ini entries not not having values set on install
  • Fixed issue with increase in cpu usage by iworx-db resulting from bandwidth cron
  • Fixed issue where, when setting up clustering with no ipv6 addresses configured, ipv6 quorum ip option prevents cluster setup
  • Accepting EULA no longer results in stacktrace
  • Improved sections of htaccess interface in Siteworx
  • Fixed issue with secondary domain server aliases
  • Fixed issue where adding a cluster node fails claiming the node has siteworx accounts when it does not
  • Added SPFv3 support
  • Added a bin script to overwrite vhost file from the original skel
  • Added way for SiteWorx users to download zipped, rotated-out Apache logs
  • /webmail is now disabled for domains that don’t use that server for email
  • Fixed issue with BLK_PORTS setting in /etc/apf/conf.apf
  • Improved accuracy of bandwidth overage notification emails
  • Fixed issue where deleting the “default” MySQL server results in fail
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