Category: ChangelogVersion 5 beta 5 build 511 (2013-05-02)

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  • /bin/dns.pex now working with both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Fixed Cloudlinux /proc issue
  • Added success/failure banner dismissal button in heliotrope
  • Created new web setup interface for new installations
  • Fixed placeholders for at-a-glance graphs
  • Fixed issue with certain logs in ~iworx/var/log/ not rotating
  • The –tmp-dir and –output-dir are now configurable when mass transfer creates backups
  • IPv6 no longer a unique key in the cluster_nodes table
  • Dates in the Mail and DNS logs are now human-readable
  • Fixed issue with bad values in ips table device column
  • Fixed issue with SW Zone Formatters
  • Fixed undefined variable in DomainKeys
  • FileMan upgraded to most recent build
  • Fixed issue with remote backups exceeding 128MB
  • Updated Plesk importer to support IPv6 (v10.2 & higher)
  • Fixed issue with IE8 Ajax forms


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