Category: ChangelogVersion 5 beta 5 build 513 (2013-05-14)

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  • Fixed an issue with the way graphs were wrapping in NodeWorx
  • Fixed an issue with “blank” IP addresses getting into virtualhost configurations
  • Made the backup.pex script fall back to a default temporary working directory if an invalid directory is specified with –tmp-dir parameter
  • Fixed a problem with the php-info viewer in NodeWorx Webserver page
  • Fixed a problem with temporary backup storage counting towards user quota and causing failures
  • Fixed an IE display issue in heliotrope theme with select boxes
  • Utilized image sprite sheet to speed up heliotrope theme load time significantly
  • Fixed a timing issue in the upgrade from 4.x to 5.x that in rare cases could cause suphp mode to be enabled unexpectedly
  • Released updated maildrop RPM with improved default permissions
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