Category: ChangelogVersion 5 beta 6 build 530 (2013-06-24)

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Improvements to InterWorx Upgrade Infrastructure

  • InterWorx now goes into “maintenance mode” when iworx updates are running (client websites/mail are of course unaffected)
  • Improved logging of success/failure of upgrade steps
  • Improved management of individual upgrade steps, and with ability to automatically “retry” if a step fails on the first try
  • Improved cluster-upgrade control, where cluster nodes will upgrade InterWorx immediately after the cluster manager is updated

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with previously upgrade dns zones and their SOA nameserver entry
  • Made it possible to remove inactive system IPs from the database
  • Changed so IPs without relevant changes are not unnecessarily deactivated and re-activated

Other Changes

  • Added domain popup on IP management page
  • Made suphp the default php mode setting for new installs
  • Added web interface for IPv6 diagnostic tools
  • SiteWorx skel index now totally self contained, including images

Interface Tweaks

  • Logviewer improvements in SiteWorx
  • Cleaned up DNS Records page
  • Cleaned up SSL management page SiteWorx
  • Cleaned up import page
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