Category: ChangelogVersion 5 beta 7 build 540 (2013-07-30)

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Security Fixes:

  • Fixed Bug: hardlinks could be used to compromise the system via backups (thanks Rack911)


  • Added support for multiple SSL certificates on a single IP.
  • Upgraded to php-iworx-5.3.27
  • Added user-specific variables to InterWorx infrastructure
  • Added a javascript ‘Check for Updates’ button to software updates page
  • Fixed the ability to add multi-layer subdomains
  • Added the ability to lock a secondary SiteWorx user to specific domains
  • New bin/iworx-upgrade.pex file to view status of upgrade versions
  • CloudFlare CDN Plugin taken out of Beta
  • Changed upgrade notice to open in a new tab

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved handling of corrupt archives during import/restore.
  • Fixed Bug: changing a SiteWorx account’s IPv6 Pool now works as expected
  • Allowed the software updates web interface to keep running despite maintenance mode during upgrades
  • Fixed handling of SiteWorx packages with two resellers have the same package name
  • Added additional validation to ensure files aren’t listed as backup targets
  • Mass-transfer query accounts showing weird zeros / failing to import
  • Fixed Chrome bug where login fields weren’t clickable due to Web-Gl stuff
  • Class was renamed, classes referencing it were not
  • External NFS system health monitor not installed properly
  • Corrected a situation where the usage data UUID might be blank
  • Added the full user agent string to web login data collected
  • Improved display of sidebar graphs in older themes
  • Fixed display of multiple checkbox inputs in heliotrope theme
  • Fixed an issue with a server being stuck in “maintenance mode” if an iworx upgrade was run before the license was activated
  • Fixed an issue with creating SiteWorx backups if the “use_user_quota” iworx.ini setting was turned off
  • Suppressed non-critical extraneous error messages during SiteWorx account import
  • Updated clamav package to make sure virus definitions are installed during initial install of clamav
  • Fixed the detection of ipv6 support on new install
  • Fixed handling/adding of IPv6_enabled to the IWorx INI and the edge case of setting non-existent INI indexes to false
  • Fixed a problem with httpd listening on multiple ports with the same IP
  • Fixed a display issue of the NodeWorx login form in Chrome on Windows7
  • When adding a secondary domain in SiteWorx, the tiny notification near the ‘Choose Domain Menu’ improved in Heliotrope theme
  • Fixed issue with a couple missing command-queue triggered actions on fresh install
  • Fixed a bug where the InterWorx repositories weren’t properly disabled on cluster nodes
  • Fixed issue with triggering of interworx updates on cluster nodes
  • Added versioning to individual elements collected by data collection
  • Fixed the ‘Mass Transfer Table’ in NodeWorx to not be clipped
  • Fixed errors in rails/gem version display in SiteWorx
  • Improvements to SSL page in SiteWorx .css and .tpl in old themes
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