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Released as Beta on 2017-07-12
Released as Release Candidate on 2017-07-18
Blocked from promotion to Release on 2017-07-25

InterWorx 6.0.5 is a bug fix release focused on many small fixes to improve user experience with Multiple PHP, including significant improvements when the “system” PHP has been upgraded to a 3rd-party package. Additional improvements were made to scheduled backups, phpMyAdmin, and more.

Both php-iworx and httpd-iworx have been updated to their latest upstream versions.

NOTE: InterWorx 6.0.5 removes support for Multiple PHP on CloudLinux. The PHP packages provided by CloudLinux conflict with those provided via InterWorx. Please continue to use CloudLinux’s PHP Selector on CloudLinux.


    • Updated httpd-iworx to 2.2.34
    • MySQL database users are now alphabetized, rather than sorted by add date
    • Shortened the wait period for delayed upgrade steps
    • Added —reinstall function to hotfix.pex

Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed phpMyAdmin login issues
    • Fixed a problem with Apache failing to start on El7 when accounts are over quota
    • Fixed scheduled-backup creation when “local file” option is used
    • Cleaned up extraneous whitespace from apf config files upon write
    • Cleaned up extraneous “Unknown ini” logging
    • Cleaned up extra output of cvspermsfix.pex
    • Improved identification of installed PHP modules when using a replacement PHP, and also automatically installs the mysqlnd driver for multiple PHP if php-mysql or php-mysqli were installed
    • Disabled multiple PHP on CloudLinux due to compatibility issues
    • Cleaned up leftover backup files for php-fpm pools
    • Cleaned up php-fpm pool files when changing PHP Integration Mode
    • Added new problem detector to find and fix mod_php and suphp being enabled simultaneously
    • Fixed captcha processing on NodeWorx and SiteWorx login pages
    • Hotfixes now explicitly install at installation time, rather than waiting for cron to do it
    • Changed php-fpm to be default for new installs
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