Category: ChangelogVersion 6.3.1 build 1631 (2018-11-14)

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Released as Beta on 2018-10-31
Released as Release Candidate on 2018-11-14
Blocked from promotion on 2018-02-25


  • Security patch for potential vulnerability in backup process


  • Added support for dovecot IMAP/POP3 service
Dovecot will automatically be used for IMAP and POP3 services on new installs
For existing installs, this can be implemented by clicking the “Convert”  button in NodeWorx, at the top of the System Services > Mail Server > MDA Settings page
  • Removed “BETA” warning from external Load Balancer feature
  • Moved the External Load Balancer setting to the Load Balancer page
  • Updated the default TLS form qmail to TLS1.1+ for better compliance with PCI scans. This can be overridden at /var/qmail/control/tlsprotocol
  • Added support for mail routing based on sender domain

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected issue with detecting installed PHP version when updates were available
  • Added a field to the Let’s Encrypt plugin form to set an email address to use for certificate expiration notices.
  • Fixed an issue where mailboxes over their storage quota would leave orphaned deliveryqouta processes after smtp restarts
  • Prevented calculated MaxRequestWorkers from exceeding 20000
  • Removed link to unsecure port in installer output
  • Fixed an issue where the unix username would be changed if an imported account had the same unix user.
  • Fixed a template issue in the Cloudflare Plugin.
  • Cleaned up config database when moving certificate source from domain to copy/paste.
  • Fixed an issue where /var/qmail/jgreylist ownership were set root:root on new installations.
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