Category: ChangelogRelease Candidate–Version 6.3.17 build 1685 (2019-08-20)

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Released as Beta on 2019-07-29
Released as Release Candidate on 2019-08-20



    • Updated iworxphp72-php-pecl-mcrypt to 1.0.2
    • Unix usernames up to 16 chars are now allowed when using modern MySQL or MariaDB
    • Added session timeout feature for browser. 20m default, set to 0 to disable
    • Added Single Sign On Support (sso) for NodeWorx
    • Added the ability to change the IPv4 associated IP address for domains to the CLI/API

Bug Fixes:

    • NFS mounts will now attempt to use the default version available to the client and then fall back to nfs3 if that version is not available
    • Fixed a bug where the domain wasn’t shown in the subject of SiteWorx problem detector emails
    • Add support for literal . in network device names
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