Category: ChangelogVersion 6.3.3 build 1639 (2018-11-14)

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Released as Beta on 2018-11-14
Blocked from promotion on 2018-11-27


    • Only the vhosts that have changed when switching domain PHP versions are now synced
    • Added API action to change PHP version for all domains in a SiteWorx account

Bug Fixes:

    • Added better logging if a SiteWorx account fails to remove when the database is unreachable
    • Fixed a bug that prevented SSL certificate managment in SiteWorx for SNI disabled servers
    • Fixed a bug that would allow remote assistance to remain enabled after the set amount of time
    • Fixed a bug that assigned the system PHP to multiple PHP enabled domains after import
    • Fixed a bug on the secondary domain edit form that prevented listing all available IPs when SSL certificates were installed
    • Fixed an issue preventing cPanel 72 backups that did not contain an SSL certificate
    • Fixed a bug preventing the cleanup of the MySQL import user
    • Fixed an issue where ~iworx/lib/horde/setvacation would not have iworx-horde group ownership
    • Fixed typo in English language file
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in a white screen when trying to download SiteWorx logs
    • Removed vestigal SquirrelMail settings
    • Fixed bug with Fileman access for SiteWorx Updated build of iworx-mod_fastcgi
    • Verify that psmisc package is installed during setup
    • Fixed ownership of fastcgi directory for iworxphp72
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