Category: ChangelogVersion 6.3.7 build 1651 (2019-02-25)

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Released as Beta on 2019-02-20
Released as Release Candidate on 2019-02-15
Blocked from promotion on 2018-03-06



    • Upgraded PHPMyAdmin to 4.8.5
    • Adopted existing PHP templates into new template folder if it is modified
    • Updated clamav to 0.101.1
    • Updated iworxphp72-php to 7.2.15
    • Updated iworxphp72-php-pecl-mcrypt to 1.0.2
    • Updated iworxphp72 to 1.0
    • Reset password failure counter on ssh username password change
    • Added NFSv4 support. Exports now created through InterWorx, including those used in clustering, will now use NFSv4
    • Added logic to fix potential leftover MySQL user/host collisions
    • Added new template system in ~iworx/etc/templates for customizing config files
    • Changed email autoconfig to use new template system
    • Files in ~iworx/etc/templates/custom-* will now sync across clusters
    • Switched the fcgi server definitions to new template system
    • Added an iworx.ini setting to limit copy-to email addresses to domains owned by the SiteWorx account
    • Added the ability to set more than three DNS nameservers on the DNS Server Overview page
    • Allowed Dovecot email login with mail alias domains
    • Added per-server config values
    • Added FPM_CATCH_WORKERS_OUTPUT to config options for SiteWorx fpm pools

Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed MySQL import user permission granting
    • Fixed a bug importing from version 5.1.52 related to the DOMAIN_PHP_VERSION config setting
    • Fixed issue with SSL Cert editing if docroot is customized
    • Fixed an issue prevent NFS mounts from mounting on EL7 servers
    • Fixed Dovecot failing to start on fresh reboot
    • Added logic to cleanup broken SSL cert symlinks
    • Removed extraneous debug logging for missing ini entries
    • When removing a node that has an inactive license, the form will report the node’s license status as inactive
    • Fixed an issue where php-fpm would reload before a unix user was added when adding a SiteWorx account. This bug only affected cluster nodes
    • Fixed backup creation in cases where iworx-backup directory is a legitimate symlink
    • Fixed an issue preventing SSH Server Options from validating
    • Fixed a bug that would make a NodeWorx session immediately eligible for garbage collection
    • Fixed a bug preventing setting a vaction message in Horde
    • Fixed a bug when editing SiteWorx users
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the SiteWorx Accounts page from being displayed after peforming domain promotion
    • Fixed an issue where bogus NULL values for DOMAIN_PHP_VERSION could result in syntax errors for the Apache config
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