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API Request: Get Working Account Resource Limits
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Alexandre Lemaire: There is no Interworx API call to report working-user limits. By working user, I mean the user that's operating the API. A key can always report its child account usage, but, not its own. It's a funny pattern in a way, because the parent has access to the data you need (except I imagine, for the parent account on the box which is the base case). In short, without a means to establish an account's total resources pool (bandwidth, space, etc.) there's no means to automatically report resource usage rates, or to use intelligent algorithms to distribute plan creation. The current API is only good if you're using your API key to decipher limits for your own clients (e.g., you were building a customer portal). If you're trying to figure out how your own account is doing (think Resellers), then you're out of luck.
Dec 14, 2015, 3:03 pmBy: Alexandre Lemaire

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