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Replicated NodeWorx User Accounts
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Jonathan Halewood: There are instances where a hosting company may be responsible for the operation of multiple InterWorx servers, which are not able to be clustered. The primary use-case for this method of working would be a company offering managed servers. At present the parent company must create each member of staff an account on every server they will need to support and administer. The only real work around for this is to share accounts, which still requires configuration on each machine and presents security issues. I therefore propose that InterWorx add a method by which root-level NodeWorx accounts can be replicated across nodes. This will result in reduced administration, and improved security. Addition of LDAP password replication for these accounts would further assist in this area, as passwords could then be updated across multiple systems (InterWorx and others) in a single action, reducing the time taken to revoke compromised accounts or those owned by ex-staff members.
Apr 12, 2014, 10:10 pmBy: Jonathan Halewood

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