Category: NewsInterWorx-CP 1.8.0 Released

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For Immediate Release: 09.13.2004

InterWorx-CP is our most extensive release to date. The complete InterWorx-CP infrastructure has been updated and is now able to support 5+ distributions, including:

  • Red Hat 9
  • CentOS 3.x+
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.x,3.x+
  • White Box Linux 3.x+
  • Fedora Core 1, Core 2

Aside from supporting more platforms InterWorx-CP has also added the groundwork to support 3rd party billing modules such as ModernBill and DRAM System via the new InterWorx-CP API system. This API allows 3rd party developers and integrators to work more closely with the core InterWorx-CP system and provides a better overall system when paired with other tools such as billing systems, support desks etc.

The 1.8.0 release also provides feature enhancements to the SiteWorx website management tool. These include:

  • SSL Certificate generation / installation
  • Theme support (3 themes included with InterWorx-CP). Themes can now be uploaded / downloaded / altered etc.
  • SiteWorx now bundles the latest phpMyAdmin version
  • Many minor bug fixes

The new 1.8.0 InterWorx-CP release is the new standard for InterWorx-CP releases as well in that as of 1.8.0 all core service packages are bundled with the control panel. No longer will you be left to compile the latest Apache, MySQL or PHP for your InterWorx-CP system. The InterWorx-CP team will now proivde these RPMs to you as a courtesy, and in a timely and tested manner.

We are very proud of this release and we encourage you to upgrade if you’re using a previous InterWorx-CP version or try it out for yourself if you have yet to experience InterWorx-CP!

###InterWorx L.L.C. is an Ann Arbor, MI based software development firm specializing in software solutions for the web hosting industry. InterWorx L.L.C.’s flagship product the InterWorx Cluster Panel (InterWorx-CP) is the first load balancing cluster panel for web hosts. More information regarding InterWorx L.L.C. or the InterWorx Cluster Panel is available at

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