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For Immediate Release: 03.26.2005

InterWorx has released version 1.9.2 of the industry leading InterWorx Server Management Suite (InterWorx-CP). Several upgrades, improvements, and bug fixes have been incorporated into this release.

InterWorx-CP is now more tightly integrated with SpamAssassin, giving the administrator and e-mail users added flexibility when dealing with spam. Horde and Squirrelmail users now have the ability to configure select SpamAssassin preferences on a per e-mail basis. In addition, there are two new e-mail settings in NodeWorx that the server manager can use to control the Bayes learning. There is an option to turn the daily Bayes training cron job on or off. You can limit the number of e-mail messages trained per-folder each day since the Bayes training can be resource intensive if there are a lot of messages and a lot of e-mail boxes to train. The default number of messages to be trained is 250.

Spam filtering support for the end user has also been improved. E-mail users can train their Bayes database by putting Spam and Ham (non-spam) in two special IMAP folders, “Learn Spam” and “Learn Ham”. Once per day these messages will be used to train the Bayes database, and then deleted. Each time messages are used to train the Bayes database, the e-mail user will receive an e-mail detailing the results of the training session.

The new SpamAssassin integration automates the set up of an auto-whitelist and Bayes database for each e-mail address. If an e-mail account has an IMAP folder named “Spam”, SpamAssassin tagged spam will be delivered to that IMAP folder rather than the Inbox.

InterWorx-CP 1.9.2 now has an improved the backup system. SiteWorx users can now schedule a backup to happen in one of 3 intervals: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. If the server manager does not want the SiteWorx users to be able to schedule backups of their site, this can be disabled by editing the /home/interworx/iworx.ini file.

SiteWorx users now have the ability to specify alternate locations for the backup instead of the default. The alternate location can be a different location in their account storage space (limited to the SiteWorx user’s home directory), or it could be a remote location, transferring the backup either via scp or ftp. The user is prompted for a username, password, hostname, and path on the host to transfer the file to.

Server managers with root access can use the new parameters that have been added to the command line backup script to accomplish new tasks. A server manager now has the ability to backup one, multiple, or all SiteWorx accounts with one command flag. They can also specify a particular location for the backup to be stored and can use scp or ftp via the command line to move the file to that location.

###InterWorx L.L.C. is an Ann Arbor, MI based software development firm specializing in software solutions for the web hosting industry. InterWorx L.L.C.’s flagship product the InterWorx Cluster Panel (InterWorx-CP) is the first load balancing cluster panel for web hosts. More information regarding InterWorx L.L.C. or the InterWorx Cluster Panel is available at

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