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For Immediate Release: 06.03.2005

InterWorx has released version 2.0 of their industry leading InterWorx Hosting Control Panel (IWorx-CP). Highlights of this new version are reseller support, improved server management capabilities, jailed SSH support, the ability to import from other control panels, fine grained service control, and an even easier to use user interface.

IWorx-CP 2.0 now offers support for web resellers, allowing you to effortlessly expand your sales force while still maintaining control. Through the NodeWorx reseller interace, a reseller can create, edit and delete accounts. As a reseller, you can also configure bandwidth and storage settings, manage IP addresses, and control your own private DNS server.

Using IWorx-CP 2.0 to manage your server provides you with a simple, yet powerful interface, allowing you to accomplish things in a few simple clicks that used to take manual modification of a configuration file. For example, you can configure options such as the inbound SMTP message size or some of the most common Apache configuration settings all from the user interface. Another useful feature of IWorx-CP 2.0 is the ability to view and terminate all running FTP sessions and MySQL queries. This, along with other service managment options allows the server administrator to keep his server healthy with minimal time and effort.

IWorx-CP 2.0 greatly enhances user shell management. Jailed SSH support has been added, giving the ability to restrict users to certain areas of file system and increasing security in the process. As a server administrator, you can easily view statistics about the current shell session, terminate any current shell session, view a user’s command history, and view all current shell users. Real time graphical statistics about the shell sessions and the ability to enable and disable shell users is also included.

The user interface of IWorx-CP 2.0 has been much improved. Load times have been reduced and things have been laid out in a server adminstrator-centric manner. The goal of the interface improvements was to make it as easy as possible to use, yet powerful. From the ability to configure common service options on one screen to effectively managing your mail queue to reduce server load, all of your needs as a server adminstrator are easily fulfilled.

IWorx-CP 2.0 now imports settings from all major control panels, including CPanel, Plesk, and Ensim. See how IWorx-CP 2.0 and the new features stacks up against the competition.

###InterWorx L.L.C. is an Ann Arbor, MI based software development firm specializing in software solutions for the web hosting industry. InterWorx L.L.C.’s flagship product the InterWorx Cluster Panel (InterWorx-CP) is the first load balancing cluster panel for web hosts. More information regarding InterWorx L.L.C. or the InterWorx Cluster Panel is available at

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