Category: NewsInterWorx is happy to announce the release of the InterWorx-CP version 4.8.3

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InterWorx today has released version 4.8.3 of its Hosting Control Panel. The update can be acquired via automatic updates or by running yum update in the command line. We encourage all clients to update to take advantage of the numerous bug fixes and new features this update brings. As always, this update is free for all control panel licenses.

InterWorx is happy to announce the release of the InterWorx-CP version 4.8.3

version 4.8.3 build 416 (2011-09-15)


  • SiteWorx packages and Reseller Packages can now be exported and imported easily.
  • InterWorx CLI now has an alternate output-style called “pretty” that will output lists of data as json, formatted to be easily readable by humans.
  • Added descriptions for backup options in NodeWorx→Settings that needed them.


  • Squirrelmail upgraded to 1.4.22
  • Added a number of anti-spam measures in webmail applications.
  • Squirrelmail
    • Limit messages to 20 recipients or less
    • Limit users to 100 sent e-mails per day.
  • Horde/IMP
    • Limit messages to 20 recipients or less
    • Limit users to 100 sent e-mails per day.
    • Require users to verify alternate sender identity e-mail addresses before adding them to their webmail config.
  • Roundcube
    • Limit messages to 20 recipients or less
    • Now requires at least 90 seconds to pass before a second e-mail can be sent.
    • Added “blockspamsending” plugin, which prevents sending of duplicate e-mail contents in the same roundcube session.
    • Added “dnsbl” plugin, which prevents blocks knowning spammer ips from using roundcube via Dns blacklists.
    • Added “log_sender” plugin, which adds a header to every message sent via roundcube indicating who the authenticated user is.


  • Fixed problem with the modified SSH bins checker triggering a false positive between OS version updates.
  • Fixed a problem where a missing newline at the end of a vhost_domain.conf file would cause problems when SSL was added to the virtualhost config.
  • Very old notifications that were “ignored forever” are now instead “opted out” of receiving the notifications.
  • Fixed backup script wasting diskspace when backing up more than one domain at a time.
  • Worked around a problem with grsecurity patched kernels blocking non-root user to /proc/net/dev.
  • Set “autocomplete” off on MySQL root password forms in NodeWorx.
  • If something goes wrong during full site restore, in certain conditions, the existing site and backups could be deleted. To prevent data loss of this sort, restores of backups for existing accounts now move the backup file from /home/user/domain/iworx-backup to /home/ and perform the restore from that location. When the restore completes successfully, it is then moved back to /home/user/domain/iworx-backup/. If something goes wrong, the backup will remain available in /home/.
  • Command queue could get stuck trying to add an alias domain (for e-mail) on cluster nodes.
  • SiteWorx account list would sometimes show a pointer domain instead of the master domain for an account.
  • Popup forms could fail if the data in them contains old non-utf8 data.
  • Cluster sanity check api call from cluster managers to nodes would very rarely hang indefinitely, causing problems. Added a timeout to address this.
    iworx init.d service now returns 0 on a successful restart instead of 1.
  • Fixed a minor issue importing from direct admin, related to missing SSL package option in the direct admin backup.


  • An updated httpd rpm is provided in this update that changes the default /var/www/html/index.php file to /var/www/html/index.html, since by default, with suphp enabled, php in that location is not enabled (resulting in unnecessary 500 server error).


  • Added 8 actions
    • /nodeworx/overview : editProfile
    • /nodeworx/packages : backup
    • /nodeworx/packages : import
    • /nodeworx/reseller/packages : backup
    • /nodeworx/reseller/packages : import
    • /nodeworx/dns : listUnmappedIps
    • /nodeworx/dns : install
    • /siteworx/overview : editProfile
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