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We are happy to announce the release of the InterWorx Hosting Control Panel version 4.10.0!

All InterWorx servers that have auto-updates enabled will have this update applied over the next 24 hours. We encourage all users to update their servers the latest version for the latest features and bug fixes. The full changelog as always is located at and this version’s changes are duplicated here.


  • In cluster environments, RRD Graphs can now be easily viewed via tabs for all nodes on the Cluster Manager.
  • Added special “X-Interworx-Notice” headers to e-mails sent out via InterWorx’s e-mail notification system.
  • Per-request of a WHMCS user, added the option to have the logout referrer removal any ”get” variables from the referrer URL when login occurred. See: referer_strip_vars in iworx.ini.
  • Added a plugin that handles user/group quotas for a external NFS server, if the NFS device is a standard Linux device with SSH, and quota support.
  • Added a new API method to force DNS zone/record changes to be published immediately. See: /nodeworx/dns : export.
  • CloudFlare CDN Plugin (beta release). Enable CloudFlare for your domains with a click of a button within SiteWorx.
  • Removed the “managing domain” option from pages in SiteWorx where the domain plays no role on the actions for that page.
  • When using the InterWorx CLI in interactive mode, at the end of the command execution, a sample output of how to run the command non-interactively is shown for convenience.
  • In SiteWorx, package option quotas are now updated immediately when things are added / deleted, no longer requiring a page refresh to see the updated usage number.
  • Adding a secondary domain no longer requires a page refresh.
  • Spamassassin advanced options now include all available options, rather than requiring the user to know what options are valid.
  • The Load Average graph in NodeWorx has been modified to be much easier to read and understand.
  • Daily transfer logs will now be kept on clustered systems, for accounts with the “keep transfer logs” setting, even if all stats programs are disabled for the cluster.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with some log file data loss from website transfer logs during stats and log rotation.
  • Fixed a javascript error when load balancer policy is added added.
  • Fixed an error when trying to save/modify a horde webmail identity.
  • Fixed storage usage miscalculation in SiteWorx after a pointer domain switched with a master domain.
  • Fixed domain promoter script to fix reference to SSL certificate files in the virtual host configurations.
  • Allow PTR records to be setup using zone names.
  • Fixed an issue with the InterWorx CLI failing to report form-level validation errors.
  • Fixed an issue with NFS on CentOS 6 servers caused by “portmap” being replaced with ”rpcbind” in that OS.
  • The NFS service controls now handle nfslock and rpcbind is required on CentOS 6 servers.
  • Fixed an issue in the upgrade script that would cause upgrade from 4.3.0 and older to fail without manual intervention.
  • Fixed a problem with very long e-mail addresses in the e-mail “copy to” fields in SiteWorx.
  • Ensim importer would fail to import some .htaccess files.
  • FTP Backup transfer would fail with an unhelpful error message, if the problem was the lack of a ftp client binary with which to perform the transfer.
  • Fixed some minor issues with the InterWorx upgrade script related to the vhost_000_defaults.conf configuration file.
  • Failure for a MySQL permission to be imported will no longer cause failure of the entire import process.
  • Fixed an issue activating a new license on a server with the very latest MySQL server version installed.
  • Fixed an issue importing accounts with multiple DNS MX Records.
  • Fixed an issue with importing multiple CNAME DNS Records, and allowing multiple CNAMES for the same host.
  • Tweaked the Remote Assistance enabler specify the specific GID for the iworx_support_user.
  • Fixed an issue with the CSRF token very rarely being parsed incorrectly, causing sporadic web interface failures.
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue triggered when importing SiteWorx packages.
  • Fixed an issue with SiteWorx account mass-transfer failing after 90 seconds, if passwordless SSH was setup by the server admin between the two servers.
  • Fixed an issue with partial-backup restores failing in CentOS 4.x.
  • Fixed an issue with the SiteWorx account importer sometimes improperly parsing database and CRON job backups.
  • Fixed a problem where the interworx “fively” CRON would sometimes hang on cluster nodes trying to connect back to the cluster manager.
  • Fixed a problem where attempting a secondary domain backup from within SiteWorx would create a backup of the master domain instead.
  • Fixed a bug in File manager that would cause recursive deletes to fail on NFS mounted partitions.
  • Firewall interface now does a better job of integrating with comments in the firewall deny_hosts.rules and allow_hosts.rules files.

Minor Tweaks

  • iworx.log modified timestamp format.
  • iworx.log now includes session id, request id, and process id components on each log line.
  • Clarified some ambiguous language at NodeWorx > Subscriptions section.

Other Changes

  • The proftpd RPM package has been updated to the latest version, and all proftpd logs are now located under /var/log/proftpd/*.log.
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