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Pittsburgh, PA, June 3, 2013 – InterWorx, developers of the Internet’s most advanced web hosting control panel, announced the results from a self-conducted survey of active InterWorx clients in December 2012. They earned a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 72%, leading the industry in customer satisfaction.  The NPS is a popular metric popularly used to measure the favorability of a brand and customer loyalty levels by way of survey. Many corporations frequently publish these results, including long-time leader Apple Computers, for which SATMETRIX published scores of 71% and 68% for hardware and software respectively in 2012, ahead of other brands including Honeywell, American Express, and Sony.

InterWorx users were asked which features of the control panel are their favorite. Among the features highlighted as exceptional were InterWorx’s ability to manage multi-server clusters, its outstanding levels of reliability when compared to competing control panels like Plesk and cPanel, and the excellent support provided by the InterWorx team. Users also positively commented on the InterWorx user interface and its ease of use.

The Net Promoter Score is an industry-standard measurement of customer loyalty determined by a comprehensive survey of existing product users. Participants are asked how likely they are, on a scale of 0 to 10, to recommend the company’s products to friends and colleagues. Depending on the score they give, customers are ranked as Promoters, Passives, or Detractors.

In the survey conducted by InterWorx, 76% of participants were ranked as Promoters, 16% as Passive, and just 4% as Detractors. The final result is calculated by subtracting detractors from promoters, leading to a Net Promoter Score of 72. The scale runs from -100 for complete disapproval to 100 for total approval. A score above 50 is considered excellent.

“We’re extremely happy that our users rate us so highly and are willing to recommend us to their friends and colleagues,” said Paul Oehler, CTO of InterWorx,”Their approval is a testament to the InterWorx team’s commitment to creating the most scalable, reliable and user friendly web control panel available today. We take user feedback seriously, and we’ll be using it to shape the future development of the InterWorx Control Panel.”

The Net Promoter Score is considered a key indicator of future business growth, which depends on having strong products that elicit high levels of customer loyalty and positive recommendations. InterWorx has shown steady growth over recent years, and the results of this survey indicate that the trend will continue into the future.


About InterWorx:

InterWorx is an innovative web hosting control panel that’s scalable, reliable, high-performing, and secure. With industry-leading features such as multi-server clustering and powerful Web, CLI, and API based interfaces, it’s no wonder that InterWorx maintains one of the most passionate cult followings in the web hosting industry. For more information, or to request a free demo for yourself, visit

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