Category: NewsSAGO Networks to Bundle InterWorx-CP with Dedicated Servers

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For Immediate Release: 01.29.2004

Ann Arbor, MI: InterWorx, a software development firm, has recently introduced the InterWorx Server Management Suite line of tools to simplify dedicated server management at every level. The InterWorx suite is an end-to-end solution for data centers, dedicated server owners, and anyone who needs a clean, consistent interface to manage a server.

The InterWorx suite currently consists of the InterWorx Control Panel (InterWorx-CP) which is separated into two main tools:

NodeWorx is a dedicated server management tool that provides a consistent interface to easily manage a dedicated server, from basic operations to complex tasks. It also allows NodeWorx server owners to quickly and easily create website accounts to speed the website hosting process, and it gives new websites access to SiteWorx, the website-level management tool.

SiteWorx simplifies website account level management by allowing anyone hosting website accounts on a NodeWorx server to manage all aspects of the accounts, including e-mail, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, and more. SiteWorx provides detailed statistical reporting for each website owner regarding traffic on the site, and it allows bandwidth and storage management through detailed graphs and an e-mail driven notification system to alert website owners regarding key resource thresholds.

The InterWorx Suite of tools works seamlessly from network operation center level to server level to website level to allow easy management and accounting.

InterWorx L.L.C. has partnered with SAGO Networks of Tampa, FL to distribute InterWorx with their dedicated server offerings. InterWorx is available as an add-on and/or bundled with most linux based SAGO servers.

Further information is available at and

###InterWorx L.L.C. is an Ann Arbor, MI based software development firm specializing in software solutions for the web hosting industry. InterWorx L.L.C.’s flagship product the InterWorx Cluster Panel (InterWorx-CP) is the first load balancing cluster panel for web hosts. More information regarding InterWorx L.L.C. or the InterWorx Cluster Panel is available at

SAGO Networks was founded as an alternative to the telephone and cable company monopolies and inefficient Internet companies. Its mission is to be a one-stop shop for all of its customers bandwidth and custom telecommunications needs. From its headquarters in the Tampa Bay area and satellite offices in Miami and Dallas, SAGO has implemented multiple rapidly deployable, high-speed wireless networks and maintains one of the largest bandwidth datacenters in the country. SAGO Networks operates in a variety of businesses and markets. Please visit or call 1-866-510-4000 for more information.

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