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You’ve come to the right place! The following is a sampling of the many companies that offer InterWorx Hosting. The companies are listed here in alphabetical order, and were added at their request or because they are a reseller and listed on our partners page. Note, we do not “endorse” any particular host; this page is here as a resource to help you make your own decision.

Host Directory

Company Name Shared Reseller VPS/Cloud Dedicated Servers InterWorx Clusters Authorized Reseller Partner* License Only
3 in 1 Hosting
Chase Hosting
CR servers (Costa Rica)
Dataflux (Columbia, Spanish)
Dedicated Systems
Falcon Internet
Future Hosting
Gold Star Hosting
Hacheté (Spain)
Jaguar PC
K & J’s Managed Solutions
Red-H (French)
Sliqua Enterprise Hosting
Steadfast Networks
The Skyspace
Ubiquity Hosting
Universe Hosting
Velocity Hosting (Australia)
Velocity Servers (Australia)
Virgo Networks
voxel dot net
WaWaHost Technology
WebXtra (Dutch, German, and English)
ZZ Servers
Please Report any errors or out of date information from the listing above.

Listing Key

Options Explanation
Host offers this type of InterWorx hosting and lists it on their site and/or order form.
Host does not offer this type of InterWorx hosting at this time, nor are there immediate plans to do so.
Host does not offer this type of InterWorx hosting at this time but expects to do so within 6 months.
Host sells other InterWorx hosting but this kind of hosting is only available as a special order or special request, often times to existing clients only.

* An Authorized Reseller-Partner is a host that qualifies as an Authorized Reseller-Partner, and thus gets a price break on InterWorx licenses and is able to pass this savings on to their customers. They are also able to offer special VPS and 35 domain licenses which are not available through the website.

Want your host to appear here?

To be listed on this page:

  1. Offer a managed hosting product that’s powered by InterWorx. This should not be a “by special request only” thing; your InterWorx hosting product must be available on the order form.
  2. Have web hosting (shared, reseller, vps/vds, or dedicated in any combination) as your primary business. For example, not an add-on to a web design business.
  3. Prominently display InterWorx branding on your site.
  4. Submit the information below.
Each host MUST take the time to submit this information, notify us of any changes, and have satisfied the qualifications above to be listed as we do not have the resources to actively seek out hosts or verify information. This page is a list only, and only resellers are eligible to have their logo displayed on the Reseller page.
By: InterWorx


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