Category: Backup Failures Troubleshooting: ##LG_ERROR_WRITING_DATABASE_BACKUP## manual backup failure

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In NodeWorx, when trying to preform a manual update of a SiteWorx domain, the admin or reseller is given this error message:

This in an automatic informational message to notify you that the partial
backup of domain [domain name] was unsuccessfully completed. The backup file
can be found here:


Your NodeWorx Server Manager


There is an error when mysqldump is attempting to make a dump of the database for the backup, most likely there is an issue with tables. A common issue is if MySQL has marked the tables as “crashed”, they will need to be repaired prior to a dump being made.


  • Go to System Services > MySQL Server > PhpMyAdmin and log into database.
  • If you are using a nodeworx master account, you must log into the localhost database.
  • If you are using a nodeworx reseller account, you must log into the database that corresponds to the problem domain.
Exercise caution when manually modifying any database.  Accidentally modifying data or deleteting data can result in strange behavior or serious issues with the applications that use the database.
  • Once inside PHPMyAdmin, select each database associated with the account to view its structure (table list).
  • Scroll to the bottom and click “check all” to select all the tables
  • From the “With Selected:” drop-down menu, select “Repair Table”
PHPMyAdmin will inform you that the operation completed, and notify you if any tables had any serious issues.
  • Repeat the repair operation for each database associated with the problem domain
  • Logout of PHPMyAdmin to return to NodeWorx
  • Go to SiteWorx > Backup/Restore.
  • Click the checkbox next to the domain you wish to backup, and select “Full Backup” from the dropdown list at the bottom of the domain listing.
If you continue to have issues, file a support ticket at our helpdesk if you purchased directly from InterWorx, LLC, or contact your reseller for support if you purchased InterWorx from a reseller.


Nov 13, 2012, 11:41 pmBy: InterWorx
Backup Failures Troubleshooting: ##LG_ERROR_WRITING_DATABASE_BACKUP## manual backup failure
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