How do I know if I’m going to incur a bill for an issue?

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  • If you are a direct client with an active license and support contract, and your issue directly relates to InterWorx itself, it will normally not be billable. In most cases, issues submitted by non direct clients will be billable unless it is a “quick fix.”
  • Should we deem something to be billable, we will contact you through the support desk to ask for authorization to proceed.
Under no circumstances will we perform billable work without receiving client authorization first. Should we deem a particular repair to be billable and you agree to the charges, an invoice will be generated in which is payable via PayPal or credit card.
We do not charge to “take a look.”
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Nov 14, 2012, 12:37 amBy: InterWorx
How do I know if I’m going to incur a bill for an issue?
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