How to: Make a New Interworx Language Translation

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Translations of InterWorx are accomplished through the “.lng” files.  These are text files with key ⇒ value pairs.

Making a New Translation

Because InterWorx is developed in English, the English language file will always be complete. Other languages may have a delay before new language entries are added.

The first step to translating is downloading the English language file.

Download the English Language File

  1. Click the NodeWorx menu item if it is not already open.
  2. Click the Languages menu item.
  3. Click the ‘Download’ link for the English Language File.

The language file will look somewhat like this:

LG_HIGH_LOAD=The server load average is currently above the threshold of %1$01.2f. The current load average is %2$s.
The “LG_*” parts are the keys, and the rest is the translation.

Most translations are simple replacements – simply replace the English value with the correct translation.

Keyword Substitution

Because of variations in syntax in non-english languages, we added keyword substitution in InterWorx 4.5. In the LG_HIGH_LOAD translation above, there are two variables – %1$01.2f and %2$s. InterWorx uses sprintf() to handle the variable substitution.

The variables are numbered so you can re-order them as needed.

Upload Your New Language

When your translation is complete, follow the instructions to add it as a new language.

InterWorx has an open bounty for new translations. We offer a free one-time license for complete translations that can be added to InterWorx. If you’ve taken the time to create a new language file, please contact us at
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How to: Make a New Interworx Language Translation
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