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This document is meant to provide a general overview of what happens when InterWorx is installed on your system.

What does it mean to install InterWorx Control Panel on my system?

InterWorx Control Panel will take care of most basic tasks on your system. We set up reasonable defaults for things which would otherwise be left to a system administrator. InterWorx is also very system admin friendly in that you can generally configuration files on the system without causing problems. For most tasks you will be able to use InterWorx without ever logging into your server via the shell. You may choose however to perform some tasks on the system via SSH and this is fine as well.

What exactly will be installed?

InterWorx installs all of the base hosting services (mail, dns, web, ftp, etc) to make your server manageable via InterWorx. The current list of installed packages can always be found on the RPM repository, located at The repository is indexed by distribution. Finally, all of our supplemental software packages are also available as SRPMS for your perusal. They are located at

What is the process for installation?

Installation is most easily done on a “clean” system. By clean we mean one that is newly installed with a supported operating system and that has had no special configuration or other tweaking. Most servers that were previously production boxes or previously housed websites cannot be converted to use InterWorx Control Panel without being re-installed.

The process for installation is very easy after your core operating system is setup. Just follow the script install instructions and you can have a running system in as little as 15 minutes!

What if I’m installing an InterWorx Control Panel Cluster?

The process for installation is the same for a clustered setup. You must install InterWorx Control Panel on each server in the cluster. After that, follow the cluster installation instructions that match your particular setup.


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InterWorx Control Panel Installation Overview
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