Where are the InterWorx log files located?

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The InterWorx log files are located in the InterWorx home directory at  /home/interworx/var/log.

Below are the most common log files saved at this location:

iworx.log – The most common log file used for InterWorx. Most errors will be in this log file.

cron.log – Related to cron tasks.

access.log – Apache access log for the iworx-web server.

error.log – Apache error log for the iworx-web server.

api.log – Records api interactions.

lastyum.log – Records the yum output from the daily OS update (if enabled).

Also note that important logs can also be found in /var/log.

Below are common log files that may contain system level logging relevant to web hosting:

messages.log – Contains system level errors or hardware failures.

apf_log – InterWorx firewall related logs

maillog – vpopmail mail log

send/current – qmail send log

smtp/current – qmail smtp log

mysqld.log – MySQL log

yum.log – yum package management log

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Where are the InterWorx log files located?
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