Category: Why Some Items Under System Health are Listed as N/A

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While checking the information listed under Server > System Health in your Nodeworx account, you will see that the following items are listed as N/A: Reseller Bandwidth Limit Notification, SSL Certificate Nearly Expired, Siteworx Storage Limits, SiteWorx Bandwidth Limit Notification, and SSL Certificate Expired.

Worry not– this is because, when you go to that page, everything listed is run in real time. (This is why the page, itself, may take a few extra seconds to load). Because the options in question run on all Reseller and/or Siteworks accounts (of which there can potentially be hundreds), if they were to run when that page is accessed, it would take a very, very long time for it to load.

These things are still running in the background, however. For example, if you click the “Configure” button next to SSL Certificate Expired, you can see and customize those settings:

“Step Two”, on the right hand side, allows you to specify who receives the message stating the SSL is expired. “Domain Owner” is the owner of the Siteworx account (so, for example, whichever of your customers owns “Siteworx Account Owner” is you, the reseller/Nodeworx user/Master Account owner. You can also specify how often the messages were would sent, and what email they would be sent from using the settings listed in “Step One”.

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May 15, 2015, 12:36 pmBy: InterWorx
Why Some Items Under System Health are Listed as N/A
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