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Category: How to: Configure SimpleScripts Configuration In NodeWorx

Simple Scripts is a script installer tool that can install, manage, and delete popular scripts like wordpress, joomla, etc. It is integrated into InterWorx as a Plugin, therefore the plugin must be enabled for the option to be available on the server. For an updated list of scripts and more information about Simple Scripts, see the […]

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How to Set Individual/Per-Domain php.ini Configurations for SuPHP

SuPHP can use a per user php.ini file. This file must be located at /home/[unixuser]/etc/php.ini.   Set Up: 1. Under the /home/[unixuser] directory for the domain, create a directory named etc: [root@jenna1 ~]# cd /home/iwtestco/ [root@jenna1 iwtestco]# mkdir etc 2. Set  user and group permissions for the new etc directory to the unix user: [root@jenna1 iwtestco]# […]

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Category: How to sync iworx DNS to a non-iworx DNS server

Step 1: Identify the IP address of your interworx primary nameserver (a.b.c.d) Step 2: Identify the IP address of your bind secondary nameserver (e.f.g.h) Step 3a: If you want to allow transfer of only a subset of the domains on the interworx server, on the interworx server run the following: echo ‘e.f.g.h:allow,AXFR=””‘ >> /service/axfrdns-a.b.c.d/tcp Step […]

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Category: How to: Add / Edit / Delete E-mail Aliases

Procedure – Add an E-Mail Alias Click the Hosting Features menu item if it is not already open. Click the E-mail menu item if it is not already open. Click the Aliases menu item. Enter the desired e-mail address in the E-mail address box. Enter the e-mail address you want the mail sent to in the Fowards to box. Click the Add button. […]

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Category: How To: Install Wordpress in InterWorx

For those of you that just want no-fuss, head over here to learn how configure Simple Scripts. For a little more control over your installation follow this tutorial and mind the few prerequisites: A.) If you have NodeWorx access, make sure PHP scripts are running as the SiteWorx user rather than apache. Popup Example B.) I like […]

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