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Category: How to: Add / Edit / Delete Reseller Packages

Reseller Package Features All reseller package features are “shared” among all the SiteWorx accounts a reseller creates. for example, if a reseller package has 10 e-mail boxes, they can create 10 Siteworx accounts with 1 e-mail box, or 5 Siteworx accounts with 2 e-mail boxes, etc. Package Name  This name is used to identify the created package. When you […]

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Category: How to: Add / Edit / Delete Reseller Accounts

NodeWorx Reseller accounts can be used to allow customers to create their own SiteWorx accounts. The resellers can be allocated any specific number of features, such as the number of SiteWorx accounts they’re allowed to create, monthly bandwidth, disk storage, e-mail boxes, MySQL databases, etc, that they can then divide out among the SiteWorx accounts […]

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