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Category: What is a Jailed Shell? Why is it beneficial?

A jailed shell is a shell user with limited access to the file system.  It is beneficial because it provides an extra layer of security on the server while still allowing limited shell access.  

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Category: How to: Manage SSH Shell Users

How to: Change the Default Shell Click the SiteWorx menu item if it is not already open. Click the Shell Users menu item. Locate the Shell Account Options section. Select the desired shell, such as /bin/bash, from the dropdown labeled Default Shell. Click the Update button. You will see the following message at the top of the screen: Default shell changed successfully. This will change the […]

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Category: How do I add commands to the jailed shell?

The jailed shell deliberately has a limited amount of commands one can run. If you deem that your users need access to another command you use the jk_cp command from the root shell to add the command you want to enable for example. jk_cp /chroot /usr/bin/command-you-want-to-install

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