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Category: How to: Backup / Restore SiteWorx Accounts

This section covers the InterWorx Control Panel backup system and how to restore backups of your SiteWorx accounts, both from the NodeWorx interface and the SiteWorx interface. From within NodeWorx you can restore full backups of multiple SiteWorx accounts. From within SiteWorx, you can only create a backup of that particular account, but you will […]

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Nov 15, 2012, 6:28 pmBy: InterWorx
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Category: How often should I do a backup?

Each website owner will need to find a backup plan that works for them.

Backup / Restore
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Category: How to: Setup a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

How to: Setup a CSR Click the Hosting Features menu item if it is not already open. Click the SSL Certificates menu item. Click the [Setup CSR] link. Enter the 2 Letter Country Code in the 2 Letter Country Code text box. Enter the State or Providence in the State or Providence text box. Enter the City in the City text […]

Nov 15, 2012, 8:15 pmBy: InterWorx
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Category: How to: Set a Catch-All Email Address

This option requires that Catchall E-mail Control is enabled in NodeWorx under Plugins, and that E-mail Catchall Settings is set to “Yes” on the domain. To do so, in NodeWorx under SiteWorx > Accounts by click the Edit button next to the existing account. The Email Catchall Settings option is at the bottom of the list. How to: […]

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Category: How to: Manage Your SiteWorx Accounts

InterWorx-CP is divided into two main tools: NodeWorx and SiteWorx. NodeWorx is the server administrator and reseller interface, and SiteWorx is the website administrator interface. When the server administrator or reseller wants to create a website, they create a “SiteWorx Account”. Each SiteWorx account is mapped to an IP and a unique Linux user on […]

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