Released as Release on 2020-03-10

This version includes New Features, Enhancements, and Bug Fixes from 6.5.0, 6.6.0, and 6.6.1. The following is a comprehensive list of all changes

New Features:

  • This version lays the groundwork for support for Cloudlinux. Stay tuned for more on this topic soon!
  • Siteworx backup .tar.gz files can now be transferred to AWS S3 or S3 compatible object store upon creation
  • An AWS S3 profile and target can be configured using ~iworx/bin/s3.pex with the following examples:

    # cat /root/tmp_creds
    # Create AWS profile
    $ ~iworx/bin/s3.pex --configure --credential-file /root/tmp_creds --profile profile_name --region us-east-2
    # Or, Create AWS compatible profile
    $ ~iworx/bin/s3.pex --configure --credential-file /root/tmp_creds --profile profile_name --endpoint https://objects.domain.tld
    # Create a bucket (if needed)
    $ ~iworx/bin/s3.pex --create-bucket --profile profile_name --bucket bucket_name
    # Add a target
    $ ~iworx/bin/s3.pex --add-target --profile profile_name --target target_name --bucket bucket_name --path backup/path

    Siteworx backups can be created and transferred to the specified s3 target using the --to-s3-target flag.


    ~iworx/bin/backup.pex --domain [domain] --to-s3-target [target_name]

  • SiteWorx backups can be imported as a different master domain or unix user using the --override-master-domain and --override-unix-user flags for ~iworx/bin/import.pex

  • Note: Only applies to backups that do not contain secondary domains, and must be imported via the CLI
    Example commands:

    ~iworx/bin/import.pex --archive [file] --control-panel siteworx --ipv4 [ip] --override-master-domain [new-domain] --override-unix-user [new-unix-user]

    Note: It is possible to create a backup of just the master domain, or of just a secondary domain as if it were a master domain with the --master-only or --as-master flags, respectively for ~iworx/bin/backup.pex.


    Create a backup of just the master domain, with no secondary domains:

    ~iworx/bin/backup.pex --domain [domain] --master-only

    Create a backup of a secondary domain as if it were a master domain:
    ~iworx/bin/backup.pex --domain [secondary domain] --as-master

  • New API Actions to report default MySQL server details:
  • /nodeworx/mysql/remote getDefaultServerDetails
    /nodeworx/mysql/remote getDefaultServerNickname
    /nodeworx/mysql/remote getDefaultServerHostAction

  • Databases and database users can be mapped to specific Siteworx accounts

  • This can be accomplished in NodeWorx under System Services > MySQL Server > Remote Servers, by clicking the [Map User] or [Map DB] buttons for the database you would like to map


  • Update iworxphp72-php to 7.2.27
  • www.domain.tld is now selected by default when generating a Let's Encrypt certificate
  • PHP-FPM pools of single SiteWorx account only reset/rewrite when adding or deleting an account
  • phpmyadmin template cache now cleared upon upgrade
  • License sync cron now runs on boot, so that that errant "invalid license" warnings are not logged before the quad-daily cron job is triggered
  • Enabled the Node.js selector, Python selector, and Resource usage components to the the Cloudlinux plugin.
  • Upgrade ClamAV to 0.102.2.
  • cPanel imports will also create A records for the IPs listed in the cPanel Backup, even if those IPs are not associated with the InterWorx server

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolve issue where some placeholder information in error message were not displaying correctly
  • Fix a bug that prevented importing of ssh usernames beyond 18 characters
  • Fix importing ssl chain certs from cPanel backups
  • Resolve issue where copied .htaccess files from the iworx skel dir were not maintaining correct permissions
  • Resolve cPanel account import error on OpenVZ servers
  • Remove the "Change Domain" option for scheduled backups. SiteWorx pages that are account level no longer display "Change Domain", and now report "Managing Account" rather than "Managing Domain"
  • Fix "Invalid arguments" error when enabling SMTP2 service with CSF Plugin enabled
  • Fix issue where php-fpm pools were accidentally being created when deleting multiple SiteWorx accounts
  • Fix "Manifest file is corrupt" error when importing " secondary domain backups created with --as-master flag
  • Fix bug where php mode may be mislabeled as suPHP in SiteWorx, even when set to PHP-FPM
  • Fix a bug preventing import of identical db users with different cases to iworx database mapper
  • Fix issue where setting a vacation message in Horde did not also set it within SiteWorx
  • Fixed a bug preventing MariaDb usernames longer than 32 characters from being entered into the database
  • Copy dot files from ~iworx/etc/skel when creating new siteworx account
  • Remove Environment from menu option in fileman
  • Fix a bug preventing users from being able to delete multiple reseller accounts
  • Remove login and logout option from NodeWorx interactive CLI
  • Remove permanent redirect (301) when enforcing https, which was an unintended side effect when sessions expired and browsers cached the redirect to the login page
  • Add column last_hit to spamassassin table at creation. This will prevent error messages from occurring on fresh installations
  • Update fileman to allow special characters in filenames like the plus sign (+)
  • Set force_graceful to true on fresh install if Apache version > 2.4. This will speed up restart time on cluster nodes
  • Fix issue where restoring a SiteWorx backups did not also restore scheduled automated backup settings
  • Fix potential mass-transfer race condition when creating multiple SiteWorx accounts simultaneously via import
  • Fix various small bugs related specifically to Cloud Linux implementation