The cards listed on this page are our most commonly requested features and high profile projects. It does not include bug fix’s, minor requests or tasks related to existing projects. If you need to report a bug or other break fix issue please contact support

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    2019 Roadmap.

    Import SSL from cpmove

    Import all existing SSLs including letsencypt and free cpanel autossls.

    FTP user compatibility

    1 and 2 character users, allow special characters – and _.

    Default PHP 7.0 or Newer

    Account create should default to latest stable php version.

    Username with >8 Characters and allow disable prefixing.

    DB mapping, longer db and usernames, disable prefix option.

    Postfix feasibility and manual conf setup

    Completely functional postfix setup, manual scripting and confs.

    CLI nodeworx session url

    Root level CLI session create to allow nodeworx login if email and password unknown.

    CloudLinux LVE Integration plus alt-php support

    Cloudlinux UI integration and management, Cagefs configuration, php version UI integration and management.

    Functional CLI Apache Status Page

    Update mod status allows, add links rpm to requirements. UPDATE: IW #6172 (rpms released)


    2020 Roadmap.

    Non IW ssl handling update

    Unsigned SSLs auto convert to IW Lets-encrypt.

    Expiring non IW Lets-encrypt conversion to IW LE.

    Expiring Cpanel sourced autossl’s to IW LE.

    Auto IW LE ssl request and install for domain’s with no SSL.

    Options to disable above behavior and or exclude domains.


    Acronis Automated agent install and backup plan setup.

    Nodeworx and Siteworx File and Folder restores.

    Nodeworx and Siteworx database and mailbox restore tools.

    Service \ Hostname SSL Certifications via LE / autossl

    letsencrypt does not order interworx, qmail, etc. certificates. There is a messy workaround with an extra account, but it should be made native.

    Interworx Version 7.0

    Overhauled User Interface system and released an updated interface.

    New template system for apache and php configurations.

    CloudLinux LVE Integration plus alt-php support

    Cloudlinux UI integration and management, Cagefs configuration, php version UI integration and management.

    SMTP SNI and legacy ports support.

    Added SMTP SNI support via dovecot submission, including support for legacy ports 465 and 26.


    Bulk mail \ email list manager. Import support.

    Almost done, in final code review and qa testing.

    Enable SSL by Default

    Automatic Let’s Encrypt support for expiring or invalid SSL’s

    Compiler Manager

    Disable \ Enable Compiler access UI

    v7 Branding

    Add custom Branding support for v7


    2021 Roadmap

    Q1 2021

    Mass Imports Rework.

    Extend Mass Import tool including incremental imports and re-syncs, DNS updates and other tools to assist with migrations.

    In Development
    7.0 Upgrade tool.

    Build 7.0 opt in and conversion tool for latest 6.x to 7.x release.

    Support for SNI and legacy smtp ports will be part of the v1 release.

    Beta Testing
    Imunify360 Integration

    Look into and start collaboration with Cloudlinux to Integrate Imunify360 with IW

    In Development
    Darkmode v7 theme

    Darkmode theme for nodeworx and siteworx.

    Done, pending release

    Q2 2021

    CentOS 8

    As Centos 8 support has been effectively canceled by Redhat we will be moving to an alternate fork of RHEL 8

    On Hold

    Q3 2021

    Q4 2021

    Priority Backlog

    PHP ini editor

    .user.ini siteworx editor, remi phpx php.ini nodeworx editor.

    Backlog ASAP
    Additional Migration UI features

    Structure only, resync, dns update, hosts file configuration generator and proxy homepage tests.

    Rework Subdomain Handling

    Make subdomain handling vhost based, add wildcard support.

    Replace Filemanager

    Filemanager and file editor.

    Backlog ASAP
    Nodeworx Backup Manager

    Server wide backup manager. With support for custom local folder (backup drive), S3, FTP and SSH remote backups. Incremental and hard link features. Integrated SW restore tool.

    Backlog ASAP
    Add Multi Home folder \ drive support.

    Support for adding additional home drives. Acct move tooling.

    UI modsec Control

    Modsec can be installed and enabled on cli, but not checked/controlled from panel.

    Backlog ASAP
    Near instant dns cluster zone updates.

    On zone update immediately push to all dns servers in cluster. Remove cron based system.

    Backlog ASAP
    Update Roundcube

    Upgrade Roundcube, adding mobile support.

    Rework package manager

    Update all accounts on package as changes are made.

    Backlog ASAP
    SiteWorx Account Rename in UI

    The ability to rename a cloud account’s primary domain from UI.

    Backlog ASAP



    Plugin for automatic IW Jetbackup configuration and setup. Siteworx level UI restore tool.

    FIDO2, webauthn U2F support

    Add newer webuthn standard for physical key based U2F authentication.

    Siteworx Detailed Disk Usage Report.

    Create a detailed disk usage report in UI for Siteworx.


    Add postgres support and imports.

    Siteworx Webshell

    Embedded terminal for the logged in user if shell and SSH access is enabled. Possibly include a web shell for Nodeworx.

    ASSP Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy

    Document Setup, look into creating a plugin to handle installation and web panel login.

    SSH Key manager

    Siteworx and Nodeworx.

    Mass PHP Version Selection / Management

    Management UI, all domains on the server, sort and filter tools, CL multi php support.

    v7 Theme Customization

    Custom Theme support for v7

    UI Apache/PHP module manager

    Yum installer \ manager UI for apache and php modules. As well as any other commonly used rpms or scripts.

    Email Pipe to script UI tool

    Currently a email pipe can be setup via these instructions, create UI tool.