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The InterWorx Hosting Control Panel is a web hosting and linux server management system that provides tools for server admins to command their servers and for end users to oversee the operations of their website.

The panel has two operating modes: Nodeworx and Siteworx. NodeWorx is the system administrator mode for managing server-wide behavior and SiteWorx accounts. SiteWorx is the website owner mode and is used primarily by hosting end-users to manage their web hosting accounts and associated features.

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InterWorx delivers unparalleled value

If you’re a webhost, you know that your control panel is your service’s lifeline. The problem with most panels is that they are either 1) full of bloat with haphazardly duct-taped together interfaces or 2) they are prohibitively expensive. InterWorx is neither expensive nor bloated. We put features in that only are useful to all of our hosts with optional extras added via a plugin system. Did we mention you get free support for the lifetime of your license?

Introducing NodeWorx

NodeWorx acts as the captain’s chair of your server. In this control panel mode you can:

  • Create and administer SiteWorx accounts
  • Setup hosting plans and resource limitations
  • Utilize the reseller system to allow others to create and administer SiteWorx accounts on your server
  • Spawn additional NodeWorx users with fewer permissions
  • Designate themes, branding, and language localization
  • Govern system services and tweak system configuration
  • Monitor server performance, system loads and resource usage
  • Receive email alerts from system when problems are detected
  • And much more!

NodeWorx makes server management easy

Every daemon and service yields to your demand

NodeWorx maps every critical hosting software system to a section of the interface. Need to tweak your MySQL memory cache limits? Add a few megabytes and hit the restart button. Need to add some new DNS zones to your name server? The DNS Server configuration section has a robust interface for publishing DNS records. Email, IMAP, FTP, NFS, spam protection, virus protection, SSH access, firewall rules and IP addresses are all configurable from the interface without ever having to look at a command prompt.

Make your clients feel at home with rebranding

InterWorx boasts a versatile theming and rebranding system that allows seamless integration with the look and feel of your main site and billing portal. Clients won’t be confused by visual differences between sub sections of your service.

Resellers do the heavy lifting

If you want to hand over the responsibility of supporting SiteWorx end-users, you can create resellers accounts to give others the ability to resell and market web services using your dedicated server. Reseller accounts are effectively NodeWorx accounts minus all the critical server-management features. They get:

  • Their own disk space and bandwidth quotas.
  • Ownership of all the SiteWorx accounts created under their reseller account.
  • Their own API key so that billing portals can instantiate accounts purchased for that reseller.

Additionally, the reseller system doubles as a “super SiteWorx user” system, giving more technically adept end-users the ability to manage multiple SiteWorx accounts.

You are the warden of your system

Memory usage, disk space footprint, network throughput, webserver load, mysql requests, ftp server traffic, mail server performance and more are all meticulously tracked and charted on graphs for your review.

The convenience of a GUI to perform regular system tasks

Updating your server, managing CRON jobs and inspecting system log files can all be done without having to SSH into your server. You can now delegate simpler system administration tasks to less-technical users without having to train linux commandline aptitude.

InterWorx is designed to stay out of your way

At the end of the day, you just want to get things done. Sometimes that means it would be easier to just login to the server via SSH to tweak a config file, install a new php module or fix website permissions, manually. With InterWorx, you can do that. We sandbox the control panel system as much as possible from the SiteWorx userland web server and PHP system so that hosts are able to configure the HTTP service as they desire without worrying about breaking the panel’s dependence on a specific setup.

This gives hosts the freedom to try different configurations on their server, choosing the one that suits their service best. Do you need some special PHP Extentions? Load them up! Want MySQL 5.3? Just google for a relevant yum repository, or even install from source. InterWorx will still work with it just fine.

Introducing SiteWorx

SiteWorx is the website owner control panel that provides an exceptionally user-friendly interface to manage a website. Website Owners can easily:

  • Generate email and FTP accounts
  • Manipulate MySQL databases, users, and access permissions
  • Create or upload web content via a file manager
  • Setup CMS or forum software through fast automated PHP Script Installers
  • Add new domains and sub domains to their account
  • Administer advanced features like DomainKey signing, remote email delivery and
  • non-critical DNS records
  • And much more!

SiteWorx is the one-stop-shop for everything related to hosting your domain.

Email and FTP accounts with just a click of a button

Easily and intuitively create email accounts and FTP accounts for your website! You can restrict certain FTP users to only a portion of the directory tree and you can limit how much space an email account uses.

Domains all over the place!

Sub-domains, pointer domains (aka “parked domains”) and secondary domains are all just a click away!

  • Sub-domains allow you to partition your website into sub-sites using a single domain. For example, if you wanted to have a listing of files for download from your website, you could create a sub-domain.
  • Pointer domains allow you to create an alias for your primary domain. Much like and go to the same site, you can create aliases for your domain in a breeze!
  • Secondary domains give further flexibility by allowing a SiteWorx user to manage an entirely independent site and domain on their account without having to logout and log back in.

Build database applications without writing any SQL

Siteworx has tools to create MySQL databases and users with any permission set you desire and the ability to design and maintain them via phpMyAdmin, built right into the panel. Regardless of MySQL users and databases, SiteWorx users can see and manipulate their database schemas without having to remember their database login info as long as they are logged into their SiteWorx panel.

Peace of mind with easy full SiteWorx account backup

Worried that your server might go the way of the dinosaur? Do you have a database application that might get hacked and the database state defaced? Easily schedule daily, weekly and/or monthly backups and have them transmitted to a location of your choice. Save backups to the server and download them via SiteWorx to your own computer. You can elect to backup only specific parts of your website (email, database, web content) to reduce the backup size.

A triple threat of statistics suites to analyze traffic

SiteWorx comes packed with 3 different statistics utilities: Webalizer, AWStats, and Analog which are updated daily to give you in-depth information about your website’s performance. In addition, you can see raw bandwidth usage graphs generated by SiteWorx that is updated every 5 minutes.

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